Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back to the Basics

One of my long term projects that I have been working on for about half of the semester has come pretty close to an end: building a 360 pinhole camera. After not knowing what to do for this open ended assignment I decided to just go with this idea that a professor had brought to my attention. I built the camera out of an old fruit cake tin and a mixed nut container. The nut container is what held the photo sensitive paper. Building it was pretty easy and actually so was getting pictures. It didn't take much trial and error and I feel that I got some pretty good images!


The nut container in the center of the camera was glued in upside down which worked out amazingly well, allowing me to pull the container out (lid still attached to the bottom of the tin), load it with paper, and snap it back into place.
Anyway, here are some of the photographs!

I'm pretty excited that they turned out so well! The car picture is especially interesting because you can really see where the curvature of the tin affects the photograph itself; cars are cut off and re-appear. Considering the recent weather, I'd say these are pretty good!

I've also been working on my final print. Well, yesterday I decided to get it done it one sitting and so 10.5 hours later I had the prints done....that was after I found a typo 8 hours in. Talk about a heart dropping feeling. I was beyond peeved, but luckily I had caught it before I printed that word on the last 5 prints. So I fixed it and printed that word correctly on those. I'm still trying to figure out if it's worth resurrecting those first two...

I had said that I was going to wait to put my other prints on here until I gave one to my dad as a gift, but now that I've done that I can safely put those photos up. So here they are! 

The project was a completely open assignment. I had no idea where to even begin with concepts and one of my friends had said "just don't think about it, it will come to you." Well, this is what came to me! It's this crude, ridiculous poem that my dad used to recite to my brother and I when we were little (yes, how odd, I know). My brother and I thought it was the greatest thing! It was pleasing to be able to finally put an image to what has been going in my mind for all these years.
They were a big hit and my dad was happy with the surprise! I suppose you are never too old to give your parents artwork. I'm happy this one is considered "fridge worthy" by my parents.

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