Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The End is in Sight...Sort of.

It's been a while since I've posted, and as much as I hate that usually, I just haven't seemed to care. My weeks have been filled with homework, homework, a fabulous Easter break, and yes, more homework! The new signage project of designing signs for the Eau Claire Children's Museum has been kicking my butt, but don't fret for I have some progress to show. Key word = some. My main component as of now is coming up with a solid sign language for the children to gaze upon at the museum and with that comes the first task of creating a solid entry system for the people coming off the elevator. The questions that need to be answered in this entry are: Where are you? Who are you? What are you doing? Where is your adventure going to take you today? Keep in mind that all of this is looked at mainly by 8 year-old's. The answer, of course, is camping! The theme, "Under the Wisconsin Sky", is the big picture and from there the Industrial Designers and us Graphic Designers begin our work.
My main thought with this awkward elevator exit space is that once a child/family exits the elevator they are to be greeted with those good ol' Wisconsin state park signs. You know, the ones that are uncomfortably familiar in all of their brown glory (I know WI people know what I'm referring to here). Anyway, when I think of Wisconsin camping those are what pops up in my mind (I can thank my many camping trips for that), that and those "Fire Danger" signs with Smokey the Bear standing next to it (that's for later though). In this space, I want it to feel as though the nature needs to be contained within the area, as if once one steps beyond the fence the imagination begins.
I also added a "Wecome" sign with complementary stickers for the kids! Every state park has a sticker system and this one shall be no different. Besides, who doesn't like stickers!?

Anyway, these are just preliminary thoughts and I know many more are to come. Next will be designing a mural, and a didactic panel! Ready, go!
20 days till departure!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My Signage class has been pretty exciting this past week (okay, I didn't think that at first but the final outcome of this past project blew me away). Our 2 week task was to:
a. Design a 3D letter that is visually interesting, around 5inches in thickness and 12inches in length  (I happened to get "X")
b. Create that letter out of whatever you can find, making sure that it has a "draft" (you'll see that part in a minute). My letter happened to be made out of a million layers of cardboard and some rope (knots are always fun to look at!).
c. Stick your sturdy letter into the vacuum plastic machine and cut out the final product!
The end result was really quite amazing, everyone had a different letter and a totally different look to their letter! Some were made from clay, wire, rubber bands, foam, fruits, ping pong balls, and cans! It was a great fast project to get our class back into the swing of things (after doing that extremely long applied arts sign stuff).

I've also started thinking about my next shot for Advertising Photography. I wasn't allowed to do food or service. And after much quick deliberation I decided to do an ad for Crayola! It was their website that totally sold me on the idea; did you know that they are very dedicated to the "green movement"? They use solar power to make their crayons, recycled plastic for their marker barrels, and even use reforested wood for their colored pencils! For every tree used, another of the same kind is planted. It's just another reason to use Crayola products!
I'm still working out the kinks on my creative ads- luckily I have some creative roomies to help me brainstorm!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Portfolio 1-on-1

AIGA Minnesota's Portfolio 1-on-1 was this past weekend and what a blast it was. This two day event helped me out so much and I only wish I would have thrown myself into it as a younger student. Nonetheless, I can't explain how much of a learning event it was. Friday was a full day of studio tours, 3 to be exact. The first my group went to was Sussner Design Company, a tiny firm mainly involved in print design. The atmosphere and the people there were wonderful! The second place I went to was Franke+Fiorella, a brand identity design firm. This small company was really neat to see- completely different than the first in design style and overall vibe, and it really reminds me of Brandgarten where I will be interning this summer! The third and final place was Space 150, a digital design company that changes their entire personal identity every 150 days (so keep tabs on their stuff, chances are the second time you look it won't be the same). I was extremely excited to see this studio as it is the workplace of many Stout graduates, some of who came and spoke to us about their studio. Space 150 is huge company compared to the others that I saw that day. I was so happy that I got to see 3 completely differently wonderful studios all in the Minneapolis area (actually within blocks of each other).
The second day was solely based on the reviews of our individual portfolios- think speed dating for art students. We were each assigned three different numbers (representing tables) for different times throughout the day, in 20 min increments. I can't even explain how nervous I was for these short sessions, but after the first one I felt so much better. I got a lot of the same comments from the people I talked to and now will proceed to make the changes!
This was a wonderful experience and I'm so happy that I forced myself to go! 


These are my final ads for the "Easy Cheese" shots I took. The teacher was really pleased with them and so am I! I learned a lot doing these shots and am excited to get started on the next three. Now to think of a product.....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


One more print was completed this week in my screen printing class- this time with a partner. The theme: 2012. Katie and I decided that taking a humorous approach would be the best, and thus we ended up with a 50's housewife theme. Our "theory", you could say, is that these posters might be plastered up all over town, warning the townspeople of the disaster that's to come. Because that's what if feel like now in a way...this huge ominous thing that we have no control over; neither walking nor running would exclude us from this sort of situation.

The next print that we have to do (which I've already completed) can be anything we like. I always struggle with these sorts of projects as I feel that no guidelines always hinder my imagination (oddly). So, for this next print, I went completely and totally random. WOOO! Pictures to come soon...
Today was my last Advisement Day ever. While I always thought I'd enjoy taking random classes, now that I actually need to in order to be considered "full time", it's became a bit of a struggle. What's even worse is thinking about leaving all the wonderful people, and best friends, that I've come to know here at school. I. don't. want. to. graduate. I don't want this to end.
Graduating= growing up, taxes, insurance (for every freaking thing under the sun), big girl jobs, early mornings, and limited vacation hours. (Maybe I'll make a list of positives later, but for now I'll continue to wallow in this pit of despair).
BUT HEY! Portfolio 1 on 1 is this weekend and I'm mighty excited to get some feedback from professionals on my design work!
Did I mention that I leave for the UK in 41 days?