Friday, September 16, 2011

Year Number 17.

Already a week and a half into my last semester. 17 years of school. How am I suppose to know what I want to do after this when I've never known anything else? It's crazy to think that graduation is just around the corner and soon I will be introducing myself to people as someone else other than "student" or "intern". I can't put "student" on those various questionnaires, and freeloading off of my parents insurance isn't going to fly any longer.
This summer was the most amazing summer of my life. I had a wonderful time studying abroad for about a month and then was lucky enough to have an amazing internship at Brandgarten. On the side I did a few projects as well. I did a quick logo for Matt Hintz (be sure to check out his stuff), a very talented photographer who goes to school in Madison. It's always great to work on things for people who are interested in the same thing you are! I also did some senior pictures. A first for me, but I'm happy with the results and would love to do more!

It's been the summer of photography, and I love that I have some friends to join me in my photog adventures. This semester is going to be crazy stressful; graphic design senior show, photography portfolio class, web design (*crossing my fingers that coding comes easily), and listening (yes, a whole class devoted to the skill of listening). There is so much to come in these next few months....