Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"No Sleep November"

My talented friend Jessica Sumption designed this poster that sums up this month (and the "No Sleep November" title), be sure to take a look and then check out the rest of her work!

Well, it's been just over a month since I last posted which might lead one to believe that I just haven't had stuff to post or work to show. I assure you the opposite is true.

I can't believe how insanely busy I have been; I can't even remember the last time I went to bed before 3:30 am. In fact, I'm writing this post in class, hoping that my professor doesn't yell at me for doing such a thing. But the fact is, I'm done with my website (THANK GOD: for real, I'm thanking God. I didn't think I'd ever code my own website.). We've been blessed with a bunch of new professors here who truly seem to give a shit. It's great! Nothing's worse than taking an important class and having a teacher that doesn't push, doesn't lecture, doesn't teach, and doesn't care. I've had about two or three of those classes, and luckily I was able to re-take web design.
Our website had to be on an art movement and then designed in that style. I chose the Constructivism movement because it was something I knew little about and enjoyed the graphic elements as well as the 3D aspect. I've uploaded just the layout of the website, but I promise, my coding is right on...

 The buttons are quite fun too!

We now begin designing our personal website, which is great because this is something I need for senior show anyway. And speaking of senior show....well no, I won't be. Details can be found AT the senior show! So if you are reading this, consider going! Here is our blog, check it out, and enjoy that spiffy logo because I had something to do with it ;-).

Also, more coffee pictures have been taken:

 I thought that this coffee book would make me dislike coffee, but nothing has changed. So here I sit, guzzling coffee because a minimum of 2-3 cups a day doesn't seem to be enough...

Another fantastic update: I've accepted a job at Brandgarten (where I interned) and am so very excited to move to Madison, live near some wonderful relatives, and work at a great company with even greater people!