Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The End is in Sight...Sort of.

It's been a while since I've posted, and as much as I hate that usually, I just haven't seemed to care. My weeks have been filled with homework, homework, a fabulous Easter break, and yes, more homework! The new signage project of designing signs for the Eau Claire Children's Museum has been kicking my butt, but don't fret for I have some progress to show. Key word = some. My main component as of now is coming up with a solid sign language for the children to gaze upon at the museum and with that comes the first task of creating a solid entry system for the people coming off the elevator. The questions that need to be answered in this entry are: Where are you? Who are you? What are you doing? Where is your adventure going to take you today? Keep in mind that all of this is looked at mainly by 8 year-old's. The answer, of course, is camping! The theme, "Under the Wisconsin Sky", is the big picture and from there the Industrial Designers and us Graphic Designers begin our work.
My main thought with this awkward elevator exit space is that once a child/family exits the elevator they are to be greeted with those good ol' Wisconsin state park signs. You know, the ones that are uncomfortably familiar in all of their brown glory (I know WI people know what I'm referring to here). Anyway, when I think of Wisconsin camping those are what pops up in my mind (I can thank my many camping trips for that), that and those "Fire Danger" signs with Smokey the Bear standing next to it (that's for later though). In this space, I want it to feel as though the nature needs to be contained within the area, as if once one steps beyond the fence the imagination begins.
I also added a "Wecome" sign with complementary stickers for the kids! Every state park has a sticker system and this one shall be no different. Besides, who doesn't like stickers!?

Anyway, these are just preliminary thoughts and I know many more are to come. Next will be designing a mural, and a didactic panel! Ready, go!
20 days till departure!!!

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