Tuesday, April 5, 2011


One more print was completed this week in my screen printing class- this time with a partner. The theme: 2012. Katie and I decided that taking a humorous approach would be the best, and thus we ended up with a 50's housewife theme. Our "theory", you could say, is that these posters might be plastered up all over town, warning the townspeople of the disaster that's to come. Because that's what if feel like now in a way...this huge ominous thing that we have no control over; neither walking nor running would exclude us from this sort of situation.

The next print that we have to do (which I've already completed) can be anything we like. I always struggle with these sorts of projects as I feel that no guidelines always hinder my imagination (oddly). So, for this next print, I went completely and totally random. WOOO! Pictures to come soon...
Today was my last Advisement Day ever. While I always thought I'd enjoy taking random classes, now that I actually need to in order to be considered "full time", it's became a bit of a struggle. What's even worse is thinking about leaving all the wonderful people, and best friends, that I've come to know here at school. I. don't. want. to. graduate. I don't want this to end.
Graduating= growing up, taxes, insurance (for every freaking thing under the sun), big girl jobs, early mornings, and limited vacation hours. (Maybe I'll make a list of positives later, but for now I'll continue to wallow in this pit of despair).
BUT HEY! Portfolio 1 on 1 is this weekend and I'm mighty excited to get some feedback from professionals on my design work!
Did I mention that I leave for the UK in 41 days?

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