Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My Signage class has been pretty exciting this past week (okay, I didn't think that at first but the final outcome of this past project blew me away). Our 2 week task was to:
a. Design a 3D letter that is visually interesting, around 5inches in thickness and 12inches in length  (I happened to get "X")
b. Create that letter out of whatever you can find, making sure that it has a "draft" (you'll see that part in a minute). My letter happened to be made out of a million layers of cardboard and some rope (knots are always fun to look at!).
c. Stick your sturdy letter into the vacuum plastic machine and cut out the final product!
The end result was really quite amazing, everyone had a different letter and a totally different look to their letter! Some were made from clay, wire, rubber bands, foam, fruits, ping pong balls, and cans! It was a great fast project to get our class back into the swing of things (after doing that extremely long applied arts sign stuff).

I've also started thinking about my next shot for Advertising Photography. I wasn't allowed to do food or service. And after much quick deliberation I decided to do an ad for Crayola! It was their website that totally sold me on the idea; did you know that they are very dedicated to the "green movement"? They use solar power to make their crayons, recycled plastic for their marker barrels, and even use reforested wood for their colored pencils! For every tree used, another of the same kind is planted. It's just another reason to use Crayola products!
I'm still working out the kinks on my creative ads- luckily I have some creative roomies to help me brainstorm!

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