Monday, May 23, 2011

Blood Sausage and Haggis

Today was our first whole day in Edinburgh. A few of us headed out to get a traditional Scottish brunch, I ended up having one of the best meals of my life (although I’ve thought that about a few meals here) consisting of beans, an egg, potato bread, some fried meat and blood sausage. Blood sausage is way more disgusting looking and sounding than it tastes. I actually really, really liked it.

The Queens residence in Scotland

We headed into Edinburgh and saw the outside of the Edinburgh Castle (should be seeing the inside later). Then we headed up to Arthur’s Seat. The walk was intense, but so well worth it. Switchbacks aren’t my list of favorites but for this view I’d do them again in a heartbeat. The wind was extreme and a bit scary, and at times knocking me off my feet (not so great when you are so high up in the air). Again, it was well worth it. When we got to the bottom of the mountain we it was dinner time so we headed to the Sheep Heid Inn, apparently the UK’s oldest pub. There I had Haggis. I have yet to have a bad meal here, I’d love to take it all back with me. 

On the way up to Arthur's Seat

Top of Arthur's Seat

Way up to Arthur's Seat

At the top of Arthur's Seat

Path up to Arthur's Seat (if you look closely you can see people walking in the valley)

Sheep Heid Inn (oldest pub in the UK apparantly)

The best patch of grass I have ever seen or touched in my life.

That was pretty much our day. I can’t get over how fast the days go by, and it doesn’t help that it doesn’t get dark here until 11 or so. More soon!
 OHH! Here are some night photos from our last day in London!

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  1. I can't wait to see all your other photos because these are amazing! I hope your having a wonderful time! Miss you!