Thursday, May 26, 2011


The trip to Glasgow was great, and other than the off and on sprinkling of rain, there were really no complaints.
We got to see so many great places. Glasgow University was especially beautiful. I can’t imagine going to classes in such a stunning and historical building. 

The Glasgow Cathedral was just as, if not more, impressive. 
While the ugly scaffolding on the outside didn’t have me thrilled, the interior was quite the opposite. (I suppose that’s what happens when you go to a town that’s so old; something always needs maintenance.) It still amazes me that stained glass windows can look so drab from the outside and so brilliant from the inside. The grounds around the Cathedral were also amazing. There was a nearby cemetery that offered incredible views of the Cathedral. The cemetery itself was layer upon layer of ancient headstones, most that were fallen over, withering away, or being taken over by nature. Hands down the coolest cemetery I’ve seen yet. 

 There was also a small cheese & bread shop that a few of us stopped at as well.

I also got to see The Glasgow School of Art (the outside anyway), designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. His influence resonates through many of the Glasgow buildings and it’s made me truly appreciate the Mackintosh style. 
I had mentioned the Dalkeith Palace in a previous post, the place I am staying, and said I would get some pictures up. Here they are! Right now there are two groups of Stout students here.

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