Saturday, May 21, 2011

London, England. Such Bullshit.

As far as the title of this post goes: apparently in Australia that's what the cool kids are saying now.  Heard it from some Australians themselves. Kind of how people in the US started saying, "That's so sick man!!!" (yeah, I still don't even get that one), in Aussie it's, "We had such a bullshit time!!". Just a side note.


I can’t believe that my London visit has come to an end. After only 2.5 days I had already fallen in love with it. We were able to see so many amazing places, people, and architecture. To have such an opportunity is something I can’t be thankful enough for.
I have taken so many pictures and while I know I will eventually spend weeks editing every single one of them, for now I’m just focusing on making them cropped/deleted/adjusted.
The first day we got to London was fun, but exhausting. The 9-hour flight left us all pretty pooped, and myself nauseous. Regardless, we began exploring. First, to Hyde Park Corner and then around the gardens near by. A few of us later did some night photography.

London taxis are so great looking 

Being a creep sometimes works out famously.. 

The second day we kept extremely busy. We went on a free tour and hit Hyde Park corner, Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace, Pall Mall (street), Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben. Unfortunately the London Eye was too pricey for us so we skipped that. Westminster Abbey was by far my favorite thing to see in London. We paid to get in but got a headset tour. I don’t even know how long we spent in there but as far as I’m concerned it wasn’t long enough. 2 weeks wouldn’t have been enough. Not being able to take pictures was really hard, so I suppose I’ll just have to go back if I really want to see it again! A few of the girls and I ended the night with a pub-crawl! 

Outside of Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey (everyone should go here)

Day three was a bit more laid back. St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London, the original blocks of London, were the first places we ended up. We hit two of the art museums: The Tate Modern and the V&A. Both were really impressive, but for my interests Tate Modern was my favorite. It was great to see some of Diane Arbus’ (forgive my spelling) work after learning about her this last semester. Her photography is even more impressive and interesting in person. The V&A is so extremely huge; I felt that maybe 2 or 3 days would be needed to see the whole thing. After that we kept on walking around, saw the ruins of Winchester Palace and then finally Tower Bridge. London Bridge isn’t even worth mentioning, but Tower Bridge on the other hand was so impressive. Obviously seeing pictures of it gives one some kind of idea of how it looks but how it feels when you actually see it is a different story, I was very surprised by it. The night ended with fish & chips and some wonderful night photography of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, and the London Eye (pics to come soon). 

Tower Bridge

I’m bummed to be saying “goodbye” to London, but couldn’t be happier to say “hello” to Scotland!

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