Friday, January 6, 2012

Graduation & Senior Show

Senior Show now seems like a blur to me. The few hours that we all stood at our "booths" literally flew by, and then it was time to clean up, pack everything into cars, and get ready for commencement the next morning. I talked to so many people that my throat hurt, and smiled SO much that my cheeks were sore by the end of the night.

I was talking about afterwords how when I was a freshman I remember looking through the senior shows thinking, "OMG I'm going to do something so like fun and cutesy..." Gross. Don't.

The most important things I learned were:
1.  Leave time for errors, because it's GOING to happen.
2.  Design something you give a damn about; so that when you are standing there explaining your shit you can back it up, with facts, personal consideration, and passion.
3.  Find some friends in Senior Show who also give a damn. Without the girls that I was consistently sitting in the senior show room with I probably would have lost my marbles. (of course that might happen once anyway, but at least then you have people to talk to; sorry mom and just don't get it ;-))

To see the extension of the show click HERE. And be sure to hit the "appreciate button" on the bottom.

Now that graduation is done and over with, I have spent my time reading, learning the basics of knitting, and packing/repacking my stuff for my move to Madison!

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