Thursday, January 26, 2012


So I've been in Madison for a solid 2 weeks now, and moving from Menomonie was rather hard. Not just emotionally but physically. Last summer I had been basically living in three places at once; Madison, Menomonie, and Green Bay. Needless to say I've accumulated what can only be called 'the biggest pile of shit'.  Not only has my shoe collection gotten completely out of control (I stand by each pair of shoes though, this is Wisconsin people, we need to be prepared for anything) but it seems like I have basically doubled everything that I own!

My first task, when I got back to Green Bay was to sort through everything, and I mean everything. There was no box left untouched, no folder left un-opened, and no notebook page left un-turned. And while I managed to also go through each and every one of my shirts, I still managed to have an absurd amount of shit! Maybe it's because I'm emotionally attached, maybe it's because "it still fits and one day I might need to wear it" (right, because my "wanna join our three-some" handmade golf team t-shirt is destined to be worn one of these days even though I haven't touched it in a solid 4 years), whatever it is, I know it's not because I'm uber trendy. My reason for having so many clothes/shoes could probably be the same reason I have an addiction to pens. Yes, that's right. An addiction to pens.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Luckily I have friends that love me anyway, so much so that they came to visit me here in Madison.

Happy would be an understatement :-)

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