Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well Hello Blog...It's Been a While

Disregard my last post. It's definitely NOT spring, in fact we had a snow storm last night.
I've been so busy the last couple weeks and couldn't seem to catch a break and today I've managed to find some time to post. Lately I've been working on my portfolio for AIGA's portfolio-one-on-one. I'm very anxious for that and can't wait for some useful, professional, feedback.

I've also been dabbling with lighting in the studio to better prepare myself for my advertising photography class. I have a lot of fun (and useless, which makes them all the better) photos to show for it!

The ad I'm shooting for my Advertising Photography class is Easy Cheese and it's on it's pretty well on it's way. Easy Cheese is definitely NOT the easiest at making it look appetizing it pictures. 

Also been working my butt off (along with my 3 other group members) on re-designing the look of the signs in the Applied Arts building! It's been quite the roller coaster but I'm happy to say we are almost done, and I've gotten pretty excited about these signs. Take a closer look!

P.S. Since you are already here you should probably check out my photography website as well.

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  1. Photos are looking good!
    I like the added accessories of the cat hat and mittens in one photo.