Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And We're Off....

So far this semester has already been pretty hectic. After only one full week into the semester I feel like I have so much to do. My main concern is getting my resume and business card back on track. The logo above is the final (or so I say now anyway). I think it's almost hardest to please yourself sometimes; knowing that I can always go back and edit something is the worst. So while my resume design remains under some serious re-construction, I believe my business card is done! As stated before, this will probably get a whole new look in a matter of a few years, but for now I just need it to represent me on my quest for an internship. 

I've also hit the ground running in my Signage & Exhibition class. Our first project was to take pictures of signs and then choose one to re-vamp. Mine ended up being more about branding, and so because it wasn't supposed to go that way, I tried to focus more on the way the sign is presented rather than it's a logo. This is the proposition for Bad Cat Bicycles here in Menomonie, WI. Anyone who's ever seen this sign knows there is nothing "bad" about it. Still some tweaking to do for Thursday, as well as adding a few more signs to the windows.



For Advertising Photography we began thinking about our first ad campaign. I wanted to choose something that wasn't advertised enough, preferably a food...Easy Cheese anyone?! We'll see how this one goes (I think I have some fun ideas).
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