Thursday, March 15, 2012

A post for those who don't mind randomness...

Recently I've set out on an endeavor (man I love that word) to do at least two sessions of yoga a week for the next five weeks. With Brandgarten being located just across the hall from The Studio (<-- click that, the place is amazing), plus a great discount as a tenant of Machinery Row, there really is no reason NOT to get into it. While it was something that I always wanted to try, it wasn't until I took a free class that they offered that I truly took it seriously. After only taking a few classes I've already seen a difference. It's crazy to think that 9 years of dance didn't give me the flexibility that a handful of beginner's yoga sessions have. I actually bent forward and just touched my freaking toes last class....I don't think I've ever done that! Anyway this video is pretty inspiring (<-- click this guy too). I don't see myself doing handstands any time soon, but maybe one day :-).
Also, had a rip roaring good time a few weekends ago when I went home and ended up taking pictures of my friends beloved cat. Yes, I'm serious.

Change of subject:
I have some really talented friends, I mean REALLY talented. How lucky am I?!
My dear friend, Emily, just finished/added to a font project that she's been working on for quite some time now ---> Roller Chain Font (ps. stealing is mean). And, much like the rest of her work, it's pure genius. Everything she works on she puts her heart into and it truly shows. Take a look at the rest of her work, you won't be disappointed.

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