Friday, October 7, 2011

Coffee & Logos

Sleepless nights, frequent cat naps, copious amounts of caffeine (usually in the coffee form), and headaches from staring at a computer screen. Yay school! Senior semester is already proving to be time consuming and hectic. Time for blogging, you ask? Well, no, not really. But I count this as a form of relaxation/down time.
Last weekend was AIGA Design Camp and it was beyond amazing. I wish every weekend were design camp. Nothing would ever be accomplished, but if one were in dire need of a serious inspiration sesh then design camp would be the place to go. It's hard to leave a place like that and not feel totally ready to design the shit out of everything and stay optimistic.
Today I took a few pictures for my Senior photography class. Our duty: to make a themed book that will blow potential employers away. My book is "all about coffee" (will come up with better name later...or maybe not). These pictures are for a coffee, almond, chocolate biscotti recipe!

You know that great morning light that sneaks through your windows and plasters itself on your walls, tables, and floors? Yea, I love that.

Also, we finally came up with a logo for the UW Stout Graphic Design senior show (a website to come soon). Some great collaboration between a few of us resulted in this little diddy. Stay posted for information on this event soon. It's definitely a can't-miss!! Colors are still pending, but for now you get the idea. :-]

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