Sunday, July 24, 2011

Madison, WI: Home For the Summer

Well this blog is a little dusty. It's been a while, but fear not for I have some pictures to show!
My internship here in Madison has been going great; wonderful people, wonderful hours, and stuff I'm interested in. Can't complain one bit! I get to bike to work every day and that's even better, especially by way of a bike path right on Lake Monona. The office is beautiful and the view from the office windows is also pretty great.

My first weekend in Madison was great- I have some family here and that is so nice. I went and watched my cousin, Eva, do some horseback riding. She is quite talented and it was fun to photograph her riding!

I was visited, here in Madison, by some wonderful out of town friends this past weekend. I didn't have my camera for every activity we managed to squeeze into the weekend but I did have it for the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I regret not carrying it around with me more but sometimes it's nice to see things with "fresh eyes" and not through the lens of a camera. Regardless, the camera will be joining me more often!

A great opportunity for a "senior pictures spoof" photo session...because let's be honest, some of those poses are ridiculous.

 The pictures doesn't do this justice, but there are some sorts of lilies that actually look like they have a soft sparkle to them. This would be one of them.

 The leaves on this plant were huge! Felt like we were Alice in Wonderland.

More to come soon!

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